The Wizarding World, Revisited

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and the others have all grown up. It's 19 years after the fall of The Dark Lord, and the previous students of Hogwarts will soon be sending their children through the barrier to Platform 9 3/4. But, Hogwarts being Hogwarts, not everything goes to plan and yet again, young witches and wizards are in grave danger.


2. Remeeting the Malfoy

James, Rose and Albus were already seated in a compartment of the train.

"It's a shame the others don't sit with us." Albus sighed.

"They never do." James replied. "They prefer to sit with their adoring fans."

"Don't be hard on them James!" Rose scolded "They cannot help it if they're part Veela. They are said to be the most attractive species to roam the Earth."

Suddenly, the trolley full of sweets appeared.

"Anyone hungry?" The middle aged witch smiled.

" Two Pumpkin Pasties,  four bags of droobles and three Chocolate Frog Cards please." Rose prompted. She knew exactly about the trolley on the Hogwarts Express; they had all heard about it enough times from their parents.

The Chocolate Frogs were opened first.

"Great," Albus exclaimed to his brother "I got Dad again!"


After they had begun tucking into their sweets,  the small, blonde boy Harry had glanced at on the platform entered the carriage. He had one tall, short haired boy standing to his right, and a dark blonde haired girl with a pointed nose and pale skin to his right. He looked around, then saw the chocolate frog card lying on the chair beside Albus and James.

"Ah, you must be the Potters. James, " He nodded towards James "And Albus. Let me guess, after Daddy's precious Dumbledore? Who names their kid after their teacher? I mean really." The boy and the girl both laugh and agree.

"Back off!" Rose snapped.

"Oooh, big Weasley think they're tough, don't they?" He sneered.

"I said back off, Malfoy!" The boy blushed as Rose stood tall and puffed out her chest. "That's right, I'm aware of who you are, Scorpius Malfoy, the son of a coward. A long line of them, to be precise. With that blond hair and ridiculously snooty clothes, you must be a Malfoy. But watch out , you mess with any of us and there's dozens of relatives ready to fight. Bet you'll just run away then won't you? It seems to be the only thing you're family's good at."

Silence lay in the carriage. Even James and Albus were scared. Malfoy and his followers exit the carriage as fast as they can.

"R-Rose!" Albus stuttered, "You- you-"

"Totally just beat a Malfoy at their own game!" James finished, suddenly high-fiving her; both of them in a state of joy. "You were amazing!"

"You must get it from Auntie Hermione, I heard she's pretty good at stunning a Malfoy, both with and without a wand."


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