The Wizarding World, Revisited

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and the others have all grown up. It's 19 years after the fall of The Dark Lord, and the previous students of Hogwarts will soon be sending their children through the barrier to Platform 9 3/4. But, Hogwarts being Hogwarts, not everything goes to plan and yet again, young witches and wizards are in grave danger.


11. An Old Malfoy

Soon afterwards, the sun had risen and was shining into the first year boys dormitory, as -one by one - they began to rise, in a rather zombie-like fashion, after spending six long weeks sleeping until dawn. Albus, on the other hand, had already risen, dressed and ready for the day. Once the other boys had awoken, he made his way down to the Common Room, where he met Cleo, Rose and James already sitting, waiting for him.

"There you are!" Cleo jumped up to greet him, her chestnut and red waves sitting on her right shoulder. "We've been waiting for ages! We thought you'd left without us!"

"No, I have been up for ages, only I thought you would still be sleeping." Albus blushed

"Nah, I'm an early bird me, just like my Ma." Cleo smiled, linked arms with Rose, who had now also stood up, and lead the way to the Great Hall for breakfast.

Breakfast was a large array of sausages, bacon, toast, eggs, jam and many other varieties of breakfast foods. Everyone sat, and began to pile their plates high of all manners of food. Just as James began to spread the blackcurrant jam on his fourth piece of toast, the rapid sharp, clicking of heels on the cold stone floor entered the Great Hall. They soon became aware as the noise became louder, as if getting closer. Confirming their suspicions, a tall girl with light, ash blonde hair, a pale complexion and pointed facial features almost rapped her fingernails on Rose's right shoulder.

"Hu-hum!" She coughed, just in case digging her nails into Rose's shoulder was not enough.

Rose turned to look this girl in the eye, whilst the others try to listen in to the awaited commotion.

"You are Rose Weasley, I presume?" The girl looked down her nose at Rose, then scoffed at the sight of her hair.

"Well done," Rose joked "You're not colour blind!" The girl looked appalled at Rose's quick reaction. "Well, are you going to say something or just stand there, looking like a fish?" 

The girl looked repulsed at this comment, but recovered quickly enough to save a small amount of her dignity.

"You insulted my brother."

The three first years looked confused. However, a look of embarrassment shadowed across James' face. "I'm sorry, but who are you and -more importantly- what right do you have to be here?" Cleo piped up, sitting up to her full height.

"I am Ursa Malfoy, and as I said, you insulted my brother. You do it again - especially in that disgusting manner - and I will make your life hell. You got that, you goody first years?" And with one more repulsed look towards Rose, she span on her heels and went to join her posse of Slytherins at their table.

"Wow," Albus breathed "She can't be a Malfoy, can she? Not with that bite, surely!"

James turned to the others, looking slightly ashamed. "She's a Malfoy alright. But the old type of Malfoy; the ones that made your knees tremble even at the thought. As the Malfoy family tree got bigger, they became cowards, and since they could only marry purebloods, my guess is they ran out of people with backbones."

"Wait," Rose held up a hand to silence James "You knew all this, but never thought to tell us?"

"I-I didn't think she'd bother us? Everyone thought it was just for show, all these snide remarks, and to be fair she's never done anything more. Plus, the way you talked to Scorpius, well, I thought it'd scare them off."

"Wait, you scared off a Malfoy!?" Victoire sat down opposite them, elegantly swinging her legs over the side of her seat, then settling into a perfectly postured sitting position.Her gold and crimson badge with the words 'Head Girl' inscribed on it  shone against her Gryffindor robes. She took a dainty bite out of a croissant before continuing "Wow Rose,  no wonder you were put in Gryffindor. Mind you, it better not have been Ursa, she's a mean piece of work."

Albus turned to his elder cousin to explain the whole scenario which occurred in their train carriage the day before, then ended with "So, Ursa just came up to the table and told us our death wishes would be fully confirmed if we didn't keep away from her brother from now on."

"Well," Victoire pondered, taking a small, delicate sip out of her orange juice before concluding her sentence. "All I can say is to tread lightly, she is an old Malfoy, you see, and if you cross her, you will have more than a couple of death threats coming your way." 

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