Midnight Falls (Vampire Diaries FanFiction)

When 21 year old Cory Balcazar moved to Midnight Falls she thought that she would be free of her old life in Oklahoma, She still wants to live a "country girl" life without people harassing the people on her reservation until some ghosts from her father's past come back to "haunt" her and she discovers a family secret that dates back to the Civil War. **Note: Midnight Falls IS Mystic Falls** **Another note:Doesn't follow the seasons. Some events may be sooner than others**


2. Two

I hear a window break. Quickly I get up and grab one of my boots and walk quietly to the living room then crouch behind a wall. There I see a man about six foot four standing in the middle of the room, casting a serious impression. I shout at the man, "What do you want?".

The man laughs and says, "I am Niklaus Mikaelson. I am no concern to you, Little Girl.". Still crouching I say, "Well, Niklaus Mikaelson, it is my business when someone breaks into my home.". I hear someone shout, "Klaus, where are you!". Niklaus smiles at me and then says, "Ah, my reinforcements have arrived. Now please make this as painless as possible.".

The only thing I can say to Niklaus and the other two that have joined him is, "Go to hell." then I throw my boot at Niklaus. The boot hits him in the head causing him to fall backwards a bit. Niklaus screams, "You little bi-" but is cut off by another window shattering. The new figure stands and brushes glass off of himself, then he says, "Leave her alone, Klaus.". Niklaus says, "This is my hunt, you worthless piece of-" Niklaus is cut off again when the new guy screams at me to run.

I stand there in a daze, then I take off running and escaping through one of the broken windows. I ignore the searing pain in my left arm and run faster. I can hear voices behind me, how the hell did they catch up to me so fast? I remember the stories Father would tell Atsadi, Athoi and I; the ones about vampires, werewolves and witches. No, those are just stories, aren't they? I ask myself.

I hear a female voice shout, "I can smell her, Niklaus! I can smell her like an injured animal with that open wound!". Another voice, this time male, shouts, "I can smell her too, Rebekah. Niklaus, how far away is she?". I begin to run even faster than before. I keep thinking they will not catch me until I run into, Niklaus. I back up trying to escape, but it's no good. 

"Wha-what do you want with me!" I defiantly yell, trying to stand my ground. Niklaus asks, "Elijah, what should we do with her?". The other guy, Elijah, says, "Like you said earlier, Klaus, she is your hunt.". I yell, quoting a Bryan Adams song, "You can't take me!" then dash to Elijah's left. Niklaus and Rebekah make a grab at me, but fail. I double back to the cabin after running a fake path for Niklaus, Rebekah and Elijah to follow and splashing through creeks.

When I reach the cabin I see red and blue lights flashing, illuminating things in a kinda purplish color. I see Uncle Moonwolf with Stephan and Matt.  Uncle Moonwolf asks, "Cory, where have you been?". I recap the break in, my "run" through the woods and the other confrontation with Niklaus, Rebekah and Elijah. Stephan asks, "Niklaus, Rebekah and Elijah? As in Mikaelson?". 

"I do believe 'Niklaus' said that his last name was Mikaelson when I asked who he was before I ran.". They nod and then an officer comes over. She says, "Hello, Cory. I'm Sheriff Forbes. I know that you just told your uncle everything and I was wondering if you didn't mind doing it again.".

I take a deep breath and then say, "Before it happened I had just went to bed, you see I just moved here from Oklahoma. Anyway, I was in my room and had heard the shattering of glass. I went to see who it was. First one person had entered, I asked them what did they want, then he introduced himself as Niklaus Mikaelson. His siblings Rebekah and Elijah then entered the cabin. The four of us had a few words before I threw a boot at Niklaus. That's when another person came in. He acted as if he was defending me by saying 'Leave her alone' and then screaming at me to run. I ran and Niklaus, Rebekah, Elijah and I had a confrontation in the woods, but nothing happened and then I doubled back to here.".

Sheriff Forbes writes down what I said, says, "Thank you, Cory." and then walks to her police car. Uncle Moonwolf says, "I'll have to get those windows fixed this week. Cory, are you sure that you want to stay in the cabin? What if they come back?".  I hear someone say, "She'll be okay, Moonwolf. Stephan and I will stay here with her, won't we, Stephan.". Stephan growls, "What are you doing here, Damon? I thought you would be else where.".

Damon says, "Easy, Little Brother. I'm just making a suggestion, I'm aloud to aren't I?". I stare at both of them and say, "You can stay, but on one condition.". Damon says with a smirk on his face, "Name it.". Uncle Moonwolf says, "You help me fix the windows tonight, help put some plastic sheets over them and help clean up the glass.". They both nod at then set to work.

Matt and Uncle Moonwolf walk to the kitchen with me. Matt takes a good look at my left arm and says, "If you want me to, I can patch you up.". I look at Matt and say, "You have first aid training and are asking for consent to give said training.". Matt nods his head and says, "Yes, I am asking for your consent to give you first aid.". All I can say is , "Go ahead.". Twenty minutes later I had ten stitches and a lot of gauze on my left arm.

After Matt leaves Damon comes in the kitchen and says, "Moonwolf, may I ask Cory something?". Uncle Moonwolf nods and then Damon asks me, "Would you like to come to the Wickery Bridge Restoration Fundraiser out in town next weekend?". I look from Damon to Uncle Moonwolf and back to Damon. I smile at Damon and say, "I believe that it would be perfect. I would get to see the town and meet the other residents of Midnight Falls.".

The rest of the night is uneventful; meaning other than Niklaus breaking into my house nothing else happened. Damon and Stephan happily slept in the living room and Uncle Moonwolf stayed in the guest room. This is one hell of a first day in MIdnight Falls, and I'm sure the days are just going to become weirder.

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