Midnight Falls (Vampire Diaries FanFiction)

When 21 year old Cory Balcazar moved to Midnight Falls she thought that she would be free of her old life in Oklahoma, She still wants to live a "country girl" life without people harassing the people on her reservation until some ghosts from her father's past come back to "haunt" her and she discovers a family secret that dates back to the Civil War. **Note: Midnight Falls IS Mystic Falls** **Another note:Doesn't follow the seasons. Some events may be sooner than others**


4. Four

"We have you now you little half breed!" Klaus yelled. I keep running through the woods, trying to out run Niklaus Mikaelson and his siblings. I came to skittering stop at  a cliff/ravine with a 40 foot drop. Klaus and his sibilings stop right behind me, taunting me. I look over the cliff/ravine and fight with my options; Either take the plunge of death into a freezing river or let myself get captured. I go with option one and jump over the cliff/ravine.

I bolt into a sitting position, drenched in a cold sweat, "Mother fu-" I nearly swear. I look around and see Stephan on the floor asleep, Caroline and Tyler curled up on the other couch and Elena on the love seat. I've had that damn nightmare for at least three days now, but I don't tell anyone. I get up and walk out to the porch, hoping to find Damon. He smiles at me and then says, "Hey, Cory.". I weakly smile at him and say, "Hey, Damon.". Damon can see the worried look on my face. 

In three quick strides he is right in front of me.  I begin to hyperventilate, why I don't know. Damon says, "I will not hurt you.". I back up a bit, creating some space. Why is Damon being protective of me? I ask myself. Damon can see I'm scared, I know he can. Damon looks at me again and then asks, "What's wrong?". I look away and say, "You can't tell anyone, not Stephan, Elena, Tyler, Caroline, Matt, Bonnie, Alaric or Meredith. The reason is they'll think I'm suicidal. Got it?". Damon nods and says, "Go ahead.".

"For the past three days I'v had this nightmare where the Mikaelsons are chasing me through the woods and I stop at a cliff or ravine. I'm faced with the choice of either being captured or jumping to my death and everytime I just to my death and wake up in a cold sweat.  I don't know if I'm having a dream or it's f***ing reality." I tell Damon. He nods his head and then tell's me, "I will protect you, I won't let Klaus lay a damn hand on you, and if he does I'll kill him. You've done nothing to him to deserve this. You are my dark princess, remember that.".

I stare at Damon, none one has ever called me their 'Dark Princess' or anything. I feel Damon staring at me and I hear him mutter, "Why the hell did I say that?". I tell Damon, "You can call me whatever you want to call me, okay?". He nods and then says, "Okay, Cory.".

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