Characters: Zoe , mike and his gang and the parents Cindy and joe she doesn't want to move and leave old house


1. The move

This was the day. The day we moved.

"Zoe" mom yelled "we're ready do go!"

I was sitting up in my empty room. I got up and walked downstairs to go get in the car.

"But I don't want to go" I say as I get in the car.

"I know hunny but just think new town, new start and new friends"

" but I don't want new friends I don't want a new school" I said

We pull into the new house driveway it is a nice house but I do not want a new house. It is now late Sunday and I start my first day of my new school tommorrow.

"Ughh I'm going to bed" I say to mom after taking the boxes up to my room.

"Ok goodnight hunny I love you" mom said to me

I didn't answer her.

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