Characters: Zoe , mike and his gang and the parents Cindy and joe she doesn't want to move and leave old house


2. first day of school

I wake up early that morning. As I doing my hair and brushing my teeth all I'm thinking about is the new school. Like am I gonna make any friends? Am I gonna do good? Am I gonna be liked by anyone? I was just really nervous.

"Mom! What time is it?" I yell downstairs.

"7 o'clock almost time to go" mom yelled up to me.

I finish in the bathroom and go get dressed and put my shoes on I couldn't decide what to wear to make friends. But I chose something.

I jump in the car with mom, she was driving me to school.

" are you excited?" Mom asked me.

" not really I'm kinds nervous" I said quitely.

"Your gonna be fine you'll make lots of friends" she said to me with a smile on her face.

I put a little grin on.

We arrive at the school and mom takes me In . The principle and mom are talking and them mom leaves and the principle takes me to the class.

I get my stuff and go to class as I think to myself I'm starting 8th grade in a school I've never been to in my life or even heard of.

All my life I've been in Horton jr. And now I'm in crossroads middle school.

"Hi you must be Zoe, how are you Doing" said the teacher

" I'm okay." I replied

At recces a girl named Susie came up to me and started talking about the school. She warned me about mike and his gang. Apparently they are the "bullies" of the school she said she had been bullied by them since grade 4.

I had to walk down three ling hallways by myself because Susie had resource.

"Bitch""ugly"stupid""fat" I ran junto mike and his gang by accident and knocked his book down those we're the words I heard but I even said sorry.

He followed me to class picking at me and calling me names . He was a grade 9. Once I got to class he quickly ran back to his own class.

This was math class, the class I'm the worst at.

"Your late!" Said mrs.winkleboo to me.

"I I I'm s-" I tried to say

"Don't bother just sit down" she said to me

" okay class today we are doing a refresh on adding and shbtracting fractions"

I mumbled to myself "ughh"

"What was that Zoe?" Said mrs. Winkleboo

"Nothing" I said

I take it this teacher doesn't like me. But what did I do to her? Susie came in from resource with a excuse. She sat by me.

---------------------------Later On TheBus--------------------------

I came to find out that Mike and his gang were on my bus. So that was another thing that went wrong today.

"Oh there's that ugly fat bitch who knocked my book over" you heard coming from the back.

"Hahahaah" other people laughed.everyone was starring at me.I was glad my bus stop was next. I got off and slowly walked up to the door I went in.

"Hey hunny how was your day?!" Asked mom

"Good" I said not telling her about the whole mike thing.

"I'm gonna go up to my room okay mom?" I said

" okay hunny but first what do you want to eat?" She asked

" nothing I'm not hungry" I quietly said back.

I went up to my room and plopped myself down on my bed.what did I do to deserve this I asked myself m. Why do I have to get picked on ? Why, why, why is all I asked myself. I fell asleep later.

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