Characters: Zoe , mike and his gang and the parents Cindy and joe she doesn't want to move and leave old house


3. and it continued...

I woke up this morning and had one single bite of breakfast and said I wasn't hungry.

" mom can you drive me to school again today?" I asked

" why hunny?"

" because the cars warmer" I lied

"Okay sure hunny" mom said

------------------------at school----------------------

My first class was English. So me and Susie walked down to mrs. Bumpers classroom and sat at the very back away from everybody.

" hello class" mrs. Bumpers said " how is everyone today?"

"Tired""good""ughh""ok" you heard from the class.

All we did in that class was write and read. Then we had music.

.-_-. -_-. -_-. After music and recess.-_-. -_-. -_-.

We had math next. The worst class ever and Susie again Ahmad resource so I had to walk alone.

" Hey fat whore" Mike snapped at me

" shut up jerk" I said back

" what did you just say to me?" He said.

I tried to walk away but I couldn't he kept pulling me back and pushing me.

"What did you just say to me" I asked you

"Nothing leave me alone" I said almost crying.

He left because teachers were coming. I wiled the tears from my eyes and walked into mrs.winkleboos classroom.

"Your late once again" she said in a form voice " sit down now".

I sat down.

-----------------After math class---------------------

I was walking back from math class today alone too because her resources was extra long today there he was again he didn't talk to me bit he was laughing at me and throwing little pieces of earaser at me as I walked by him.

------------------------lunch -------------------------

Me and Susie were hanging out at lunch like always because I have no other friends and everyone's mean to her.

Big mike and his friends had snuck out of class and came out on our lunch time. We ran and tried to hide but one of his friends saw us and told him where we were.

" heh little fat botches" they said

" hey don't swear" Susie snapped back at them then stepped back

"Don't tell is what to do little whores" he said

He started pushing us to the ground Susie stated crying, I didn't but I almost did. The principle came and yelled at them . They ran

" are you guys okay?" He asked us

"Yes I'm fine!!!" I snapped at him

I starting to run down the hall

" she's new here" Susie said to the principle

" ok wll it's home time anyway she will have a better day tmr" he told her.

" I hope so... " she told him

" if I come.." I mumbled walking past them.

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