The Lady and the Prince

The hole story have happened before. But this time it's the last chance the prince have to save the lady. Sakura hate being a lady, so she mostly wander around with the servants, while helping them. When the prince comes, he think she's a servant who can't talk, because she doesn't speak to him at all. But that's because she won't speak to others than the sevants. Not even her dad.


1. The prince is comming

"My lady, wake up." I was being shaked until I woke up. "I'm awake, I'm awake." my servant stopped shaking me. "What's the matter?" I looked confused at her. "It's the Prince. He is comming." She dragged me up from my bed and in front of the mirror. She pushed me down on the chair. Then she began to brush my hair. "Oww... It hurt you know." I glared on her mirror image. "Sorry my Lady, but it's your own fault for waking up so late." She glared back at me. "Devil." I was mumbling for myself, as my door opened with a bang. "Can my Lady help in the stable? Your horse won't eat before you give her the food." I nooded. "As soon as the devil stop torturing me." She hitted my head with the brush. "The Lady will be free as soon as she's dressed up." The man nodded at her words and left. When I was dressed I left my room. I ran down the street, when i heard the sound of hooves. I looked towards the sound. Around five horses was riding down the street. In front of them the Prince was riding. I looked up at him. He looked just as I remembered him. He stood down his horse and walked towards me. "Hey, do you know where the Lord is?" I shook my head. "I see... Well can you then show me the way to the stable, just so I haven't been waisting your time." I nodded, and bowed to him and then went for the stable, where my horse was waiting annoyed over how long it took. I went inside before the Prince. "Sorry my friend, it was the prince who was holding me back." Then the Prince entered the room and I went silent. I left the stable to return to the inner castle. "Hey wait a little." The Prince came running after me. I stopped at his command. When he came up to me I began walking again. I walked inside the castle and he followed. Then my dad came. "Ah Prince. Welcome." My dad bowed for the Prince right before I left to go to the kitchen. It was time to eat, so I went down to the kitchen to eat with the servants. I heard my dad talk to the Prince. "Hey tell me, why isn't Sakura eating with us today? I haven't seen her all day." The room went silent. "I'm Sorry my Prince, but Sakura haven't been seen since last time you where here." There was silent for a long time. "But last time I was here, we was seven." One of the servants noticed I was listnening. "My lady, should we cange your hair so you look like us more, and then send you out with the food?" I nodded and she began to set my hair, while the others made the next meal ready for my dad and the Prince.

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