The Lady and the Prince

The hole story have happened before. But this time it's the last chance the prince have to save the lady. Sakura hate being a lady, so she mostly wander around with the servants, while helping them. When the prince comes, he think she's a servant who can't talk, because she doesn't speak to him at all. But that's because she won't speak to others than the sevants. Not even her dad.


3. Secret revealed

Serveral days later after my brother resturned. "Hey." Prince Taemin yelled after me. I stopped and waited for him to get up to me. "Can I ask for your name? I mean it's pretty hard to tell you to stop when I dont know your name." I began to walk again without answering. I walked out the garden. "Please tell me your name." Taemin followed me out the garden. I pointed at a cherry tree. It was blooming so I went over and picked one of the flowers. Then I turned back to Taemin with the cherry blossom. "Is your name Sakura?" I nodded at his question. "Okay Sakura." Again he looked sad. Now even more sad than ever before. Then I remembered that I just said my real name. I bowed for Taemin and went for the stable. I run the last way into the stable. I hurriedly took care of prince Taemin's horse and my own horse. After that, I returned to the castle. The servants where in a hurry. "Why is everyone in such a hurry?" I asked a by passing servant. "The Lord want to make sure everything is ready for your birthday next week. But I think the prince is a bit sad about he doesn't know where you are my Lady, and that you are not going to participate." I just looked at her. "Thats impossible. He was the one who left me in the first place." She lifted an eyebrow, sighed and shaked her head. "Whatever my Lady." Then she left. I wondered what just happened. Why did she shake her head? I went down to the kitchen while thinking. But on the way there I walked in to something. "Ow." I looked up at the familiar voice. It was prince Taemin that I just walked into. I bowed in apology. "It's okay you dont need to bow. It was an accident after all." He smiled at me. The same adorable smile as ever. Wait... Just what in the world am I thinking? Unable to control my thoughts, I bowed for prince Taemin and left in a hurry. I got quickly to the kitchen. Also here the servants were in a hurry. I went over to one of the servants to see if there was anything I could do. On my way over I heard two servants talk. "I heard that Prince Taemin is only here to see Lady Sakura, and to be there at her birthday. It's almost as if he was in love with the Lady." The other servant nodded. I walked away from them so I didn't hear anymore. Prince Taemin in love with me. That was the most stupid thought ever. I mean he can have every Princess he want. So why of all people should it be me? I kept thinking while doing the jobs I was given. When I was done they wanted me to go in with the food. My dad smiled when he saw all the food that I came with. When I had placed it on the table I bowed and left the room.

Every day up to my birthday had been busy but now it was finally my birthday. Everything was beautifull as every year. I walked Around in the hall to see if anything missed. I saw Prince Taemin look at the pictures of me. I walked over to him. All the pictures were there. None of them missed, so I didn't get what it was that Taemin was looking at. "Why did you disappear Sakura?" It didn't seem like Taemin had noticed me at all so I left him without making a sound. Everything was perfect so I didn't need to be there. I went over to the stable. I always feel at ease when I'm there. "I dont know why Prince Taemin looked at the pictures of me and asked them why I disappeared. It just looked like he wanted to know and didn't have anybody else to ask." I smiled at his horse. "And I'm not much better than him. I'm talking to a horse." I patted the horse's head. I took care of them then left the stable. As soon as I walked through the gate a servant dragged me along with her. She leaded me to a table where all the servants and my brother was standing. "Happy birthday Little sis." My brother smiled at me. "Did you do all this for me?" I looked Around. "Of course my Lady. It's your birthday after all." All the servants said it at once. I hugged all of them. They were my best friends. They had always helped me with everything. My brother left because he had to be with my dad and Prince Taemin. A bit after my brother left I went into the hall to see if they missed anything. Elisaith saw me and pointed at the bottle of water. I got a new bottle of water and waited for my next order. While I waited I looked at Taemin. He looked so sad. My brother also noticed that Taemin was looking sad. "Why are you so sad Prince? It's Sakura's birthday so cheer up." Taemin looked up. Then he smiled. I looked at his fake smile. It didn't fit his handsome face. Again! Whats going on in my head? I noticed that my brother was trying to get me up from where I was sitting. I walked over to the table. I heard my dad's voice. I turned around to face him. He gasped when he saw my face. "S-Sakura?" I walked a step back when he stood up. "It is you." He tried to touch me but I was too far away. "Why are you walking away Sakura? I'm your dad, not some stranger." I kept walking back. My dad looked at Elisaith. "Did you know this Elisaith?" My brother looked down. "You knew she was still alive and yet you didn't tell me?" My dad looked angry. "She didn't want me to tell you. I wanted to but she told me not to." Elisaith looked at me with eyes that showed he was sorry. I was already at the door. Before anyone could stop me I was outside running away from the castle. Away from everything.

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