The Lady and the Prince

The hole story have happened before. But this time it's the last chance the prince have to save the lady. Sakura hate being a lady, so she mostly wander around with the servants, while helping them. When the prince comes, he think she's a servant who can't talk, because she doesn't speak to him at all. But that's because she won't speak to others than the sevants. Not even her dad.


4. I always loved you

I didn't stop running until I reached the lake. It was the same lake that I escaped to last time I ran away from home. I saw the rock out in the lake. The little boat I used last time was still there. I used it to get out to the rock like last time. It was full moon just like last time. everything was the same. Only my age had changed. The moonlight reflected in the water. I didnt know how long I had been sitting there. I was looking at the fishes playing when I suddenly felt a pair of arms hug me from behind. I felt his breath at my neck and his sweet smell surrounded me. His skin was wet. Like if he had swimmed. "Sakura. Why didn't you tell me before? I really missed you Sakura" Taemin tightened his grib around me. My body began to shake. "Say something Sakura. I miss the sound of your sweet voice." He holded me so thight I could barely breathe. "Taemin..." When I wispered his name his grib got even thighter. When he loosened his grib, I turned around to face him. When I looked him into the eyes he grabbed my head and pulled me closer. "Close your eyes Sakura" When I closed my eyes I felt something soft on my eyelids. It worked down to my nose, cheek, then my lips. "Open your mouth Sakura." When I did as I was told something sweet entered my mouth. The kisses only stopped in few seconds before he stole my breath again. It kept going on for minutes. But I didn't mind. "Sakura." My heart was beating faster than ever. My cheeks felt hotter every time he wispered my name passionately in the few seconds we didn't kiss. "Taemin it's late we should find somewhere we can sleep." He listened to me then nodded. "Should we go back to the castle?" I shook my head. "No. I dont want to go back. But I know where we can stay." I standed up, but nealy fell down the water, cause I had been sitting  down for so long. Just before I fell down the water Taemin grabbed my hand and pulled me up again. I went down the boat and waited for Taemin to come down too. I leaded him to a little Island. There was the same old hut. When I knocked on the door I heard the familiar voice. The door opened and my old friend standed there. "Sakura is it really you?" She looked surprised at me. "Yep long time no see Sentara." She stared at Taemin. "Sentara can we stay for the night?" She nodded still looking at Taemin. Then she showed us in. She leaded us the only bedroom in the hut. "You two can sleep here. I sleep in the livingroom." I nodded and went inside the room. Taemin followed me. He closed the door behind him. I laid down on the bed. I was really tired. Taemin laid next to me. "How do you know her Sakura?" He took my hand and looked at me. "I stayed here for a while after I ran away from home last time." He squeezed my hand thight. He hugged me thight. "Sakura." He wispered my name sweetly in my ear. I felt my cheeks grow hot again. His face came closer. Then he kissed me passionately. He kept kissing me for a long time. Then he letted me go and looked into my eyes. I smiled tired at him. Then closed my eyes and just before I fell asleep I got to wisper what had been on my mind for a while. "I always loved you Taemin." I felt his soft lips on my eyelids after I said it. "I love you too Sakura."

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