The Lady and the Prince

The hole story have happened before. But this time it's the last chance the prince have to save the lady. Sakura hate being a lady, so she mostly wander around with the servants, while helping them. When the prince comes, he think she's a servant who can't talk, because she doesn't speak to him at all. But that's because she won't speak to others than the sevants. Not even her dad.


2. Big brother's return

I felt something lift me up so I opened my eyes. "Big brother....!" I hugged him tight. "When did you come back?" I just arrived this morning, and thought that my little sister should be the first one to know I was home." He gently sat me down. "Now get changed, my horse is thirsty and hungry from the ride." I nodded and left in a hurry. When I got down I hurried to my brothers horse. I grab the reins and walked towards the stable. In the stable the Prince was already there feeding his horse. When he saw me he waved. "Isn't that the Lords horse?" I nodded and took the saddle of my brothers horse. "Do you know anything about the Lady?" I looked down and shook my head. "I see." Then he left. I looked after him. "I can't tell him, I musn't tell him. Anyway why should he belive me? I'm just his old friend." I patted my brothers horse gently on the head. I sighed heavy and left stable. I ran into the Prince in the castle yard, as he was in the middle of his sword practice. I looked at him. He have gotten better since last time I saw him practice. But thats also ten years ago, so it only natural that his skills have improved. Then he saw me standing there whatching him. He smiled at me. Then my brother came down in the yard, and saw the Prince and me. "Ah, there you are. You nearly missed your training." I nodded and bowed at my big brothers word. He knew I didn't want to talk near Prince Taemin. "Elisaith. Hello." My brother bowed in front of Taemin. "I'll have to train this servant with the sword." Elisaith pointed towards me. "Hm a girl being trained with a sword. That sounds alot like Sakura." He smiled towards me. Then the training with my brother began. Taemin was watching us. When we had a break he came over to us. "If you dont mind, may I try to fight her?" My brother nodded. Then he took his sword and pointed it against me. Then the fight began. I knew alot of his moves since me praciced together when we was younger. But there was also a lot of new moves I didn't know. After som minutes I lost. But I have learned alot for the fight. Taemin was sweating and so was I. "Your incredible. I have only seen one other than you that can read my moves like that." He panted as he put away his sword. he looked a bit sad as he said it. "Well then I have to leave for now." He waved at us as he left. "Why did he look so sad when he said I readed his movements like somebody else?" I looked at my brother. "I think he meant you." I was still confused. "Why do I read his movements like me?" I was getting more confused. "Remember he doesnt know its you that are the lady. Maybe his sad because he havent seen you at all." Then I remembered. "Oh." I looked at the door Taemin just walked of by. Suddenly I felt sad. "I'm going in to the servants to help them prepare dinner." I bowed for my brother and went to the kitchen. At the dinner table there was a lot of noice. I helped the servants cook dinner and serve my dad, brother, and prince Taemin.

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