Story of my life

Hi my name is danielle and its my boyfriend Harry and I r having our 2 year annevirserry tonight but something happend and she rans to her best friend niall will harry and Danielle still be together or will she realize that he's the wrong guy find out in this book


3. to be mine

Niall's POV 

I can't believe it I kissed her 

I kissed the girl of my dreams 

The girl I lo… I was interrupted by my thoughts when dani waved her hand infront of me "Niall r u still there?" She asked " wait … what yeah I'm fine r u ?" 

" yeah so do u want to go to the park " she asked " yeah let's go " I said 

Dani POV 

So me and Niall kissed I can't believe it , it was way better than any of Harry's kisses . I think I'm falling for Niall 

I mean he is way cuter sweeter and he would never rip my heart out . 

Yay we're finally here 

I can't wait to go on all the rides 

Niall's POV 

This is gonna be so fun

I think I'm gonna ask her out today I just gotta find out how 

Dani POV 

So here we r going on the last ride the firriest Wheel 

I can't wait there is just one thing I hate is that Harry asked me on this to be his 

Niall POV 

So I'm gonna ask her to be mine when we r on the top of the ferrist wheel

Dani POV 

We r now on the ferrist wheel at the top and it's so beautiful 

" wow it's so beautiful up here don't u think Niall ? " I asked 

" yeah but do u know what's more beautiful ? " he asked "what " I asked curiously " your dani " he said 

And I blushed thx 

Niall's POV 

Now here it goes "so dani I was wondering if … if … " " if what Niall ? She asked " if we could go and get some Nandos after this " I said " yeah sure " she said looking disappointed 

Way to go Niall u ruined it 

Dani's POV 

While we were on the Ferris wheel 

I thought that Niall was gonna ask me if I could be his but he didn't 

I don't think he likes me that way 

So were on our why to nandos when all of a sudden Niall stops at the beach " what r u doing Niall I asked

Well I thought we could go on a walk on the beach he said yeah it sound good I said 

Niall's POV 

While we were on the beach I thought that I could ask her here 

So here we go 

" so dani … 

Dani's POV 

" so dani I was wondering if u would be my girlfriend it's totally fine if u don't want to I would understand I cutter him off by putting my lips on his " so I take that as a yes ? " he asked 

" yes I would love to be your girlfriend " I replied 

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