Story of my life

Hi my name is danielle and its my boyfriend Harry and I r having our 2 year annevirserry tonight but something happend and she rans to her best friend niall will harry and Danielle still be together or will she realize that he's the wrong guy find out in this book


11. the one

Danis pov

Its been a year since me and niall made up and we are having the best time of our lives . Harry got a girlfriend Nika and she is so sweet we are the best of friends right now tonight were going some place fancy so i better get ready i quickly got into the shower and did everything i needed to do and got dress in my white dress and high heels "dani r u ready to go ?" Niall asked " yeah im coming "

Nialls pov

So its our 1 year anniversary and im going to give her a promis ring at this moment dani is complainig about being blindfolded because she hates surprises but im sure she' ll love this one

" r we there yet " she complainded

" yup just hold on " i siad while helping her out of the car and handing her to harry

Dani pov

" u might want to take off your shoes love " harry said

" wait wheres niall " i said while taking off my shoes

" o he just went to get something now follow me " he replied

After walking for some time we finally stoped

" can i take the blindfold off now " i asked

" yes u may " niall said

I quickly took my blindfold off and kissed niall

" i missed u " i said

" ive only been gone for an hour " he replied

" the longest hour of my life " i replied

" do u want to eat " he asked

"Yes in sarving " i replied

After we ate we walked around on the beach

And talked about everything that happened this year but suddenly niall stop and got something out of his pocket and got onto one knee

Nialls pov

As i got on to one knee she gasped

" Danielle this year with u has been absolutly amazing with u and i hope that we could stay like this forever your the gold frame of my cloud the sparkle to my pixxi dust your my smile for my laugh would you please do me the honor of becoming mrs horan " i asked

Danis pov

" yes a milion times yes " i said while jumping onto him

He truly is the one

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