Story of my life

Hi my name is danielle and its my boyfriend Harry and I r having our 2 year annevirserry tonight but something happend and she rans to her best friend niall will harry and Danielle still be together or will she realize that he's the wrong guy find out in this book


7. teasing


Dani Pov 

After the incident we carried on watching the movie and I could see Niall was very bored so I thought that I could tease him a little so I began to kiss him on the lips very slowly and it was beginning to get heated so I just unlocked our lips and walked to the kitchen leaving Niall wanting more . While I was in the kitchen I felt Niall's lips on my shoulder and I knew I teased him good 

Niall's Pov 

Dani was teasing me , well 2 can play in this game . So I went to her and began to kiss her on her shoulder and I found her weak spot and gave her a little love bite and left with Danielle wanting more 

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