Story of my life

Hi my name is danielle and its my boyfriend Harry and I r having our 2 year annevirserry tonight but something happend and she rans to her best friend niall will harry and Danielle still be together or will she realize that he's the wrong guy find out in this book


9. fight

Niall's POV

Good morning beautiful I said "last night was amazing "

"Yeah " she said and kissed me in my nose

"So what do you want to do today?" I asked her 

"I don't know , maybe we should go bowling with the guys today " she replied 

"That's a great idea princess " I said "let me just call The guys " 

Dani Pov

While Niall was calling the boys I went to get ready 

So I took a quick shower 

Got dress in a jean short with my blue top and my flip flops I quickly did my make - up and did my hair . I went downstairs and saw that Niall was waiting for me 

" Ready princess" he asked and I just nodded 

* skip the car ride*

We just arrived at the bowling alley and saw the boys waiting for us in the corner 

Hey guys how are you I asked while hugging them 

We're good thx dani how about you ? They asked 

I'm awesome thank you I replied

Harry's Pov 

When I saw Niall's arm around dani's waste I got jealous … wait I have Lucy I don't have to be jealous but I had dani first and now I lost her to n… 

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I was hugged by dani how I missed her hugs 

I think I'm gonna win her back 

Dani's Pov 

So the teams are Niall and I 

Liam and Harry 

Louis and Zayn I said and they all agreed

Harry and Liam you're going first 

Then Louis and Zayn 

Lastly the Niall and I 

I said 

* skip the game * 

So Niall and I ended up winning oh yeah 

Before we went home Niall,Liam,Zayn and Louis went to the bathroom leaving me and Harry al alone 

Well this is gonna be awkward

Harry's Pov

So dani and Iare alone this is my chance 

" I miss you." I said

"Harry I moved on you got to do it to " she said 

" But … 

"No Harry no buts I was so close to loving you but you ri… I was cut of by Harry kissing me but I did not kiss back I tried to pull away but he had a strong grip on me That's when I heard …

Niall's Pov 

While we were walking out the bathroom I saw the most heart breaking thing ever 

Harry and Danielle was kissing 

"Danielle " was all that I could see 

That's when she pulled away 

Dani's Pov 

" Niall .... I can ex... I was cut off by niall 

" No just .... Just don't 

Niall's Pov 

" no just .... Just don't " I said while climbing in the car and riding home 

Dani's Pov 

" THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT HARRY " I said while running to him but was hold back by the rest 

"I love Niall look what have you done your an fucking asshole " I yelled while breaking down … that all what I remembered before passing 


Dani's Pov 

I woke up in a strange apartment not remembering anything

That's when I remembered 

Harry … the kiss… Niall breaking up with me 

I was sobbing now

That's when I felt 2 arms around me … Liam 

" I can't believe it Liam I lost Niall he probably hated me , I'm never gonna get him back am I ? " 

" No he doesn't he loves you he did from the beginning " he said 

" he did ?" I asked 

" yes when Harry brought you to us Niall fell in love with you , but when he heard that you and were with Harry he tried his best to be your best friend just to have you close " Liam said 

" Really I can't believe it , Liam will you please help me get him back ? " I asked with pleading eyes 

" of course " he said 

Hey guys I'm really in stress with the exams so I'll try my best to update

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