Story of my life

Hi my name is danielle and its my boyfriend Harry and I r having our 2 year annevirserry tonight but something happend and she rans to her best friend niall will harry and Danielle still be together or will she realize that he's the wrong guy find out in this book


8. Best night ever

Best night ever 

Danielle's Pov 

I can't take this anymore I want him and need him now 

So I ran to him and began to kiss him roughly he picked me up and went to his room while closing the door with his foot

We were in a heavy make out session " Niall I'm ready " i said " are you sure " he asked and I just nodded he quickly got a condom and he took of my top , jeans , bra and panty 

And I did the same he began trusting deep inside of me and I moaned we got faster and faster and the he pulled out and laid next to me " Goodnight prinsess" he said and i drifted to sleep 

This was the best night ever

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