That Southern Girl

Ariana is 19 years old and lives in Alabama. She has very pretty blonde hair, and blue eyes. Ariana got kidnapped into the woods and then figures it's One direction? Why her? She hates them. It should of been her sisters Kat and Gracie. She must figure out a way home... Of course... :/


2. Why me?

Hey guys it's Kat AND WE ALREADY GOT 12 READS ON THE BOOK AND IM LIKE OMFG ASDFGHJKL!!!! I love you guys SO freaking much! Thank you a bilizion! ✌️

Chapter: 2 - Why Me?

I woke up to some weird ass noises.... Ok then. I looked around the dark room when I realized there was about 5-6 pairs of eyes looking at me. "HEY YOU DIPSHITS! CAN YOU HELP ME LIKE GET OUT OF HERE?", I screamed! Then the light turned on and I almost threw up... That's right my most hated band. Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson... That's right... ONE DIRECTION. I hated the name of them and who they are. Their song 'What Makes You Beautiful' got on my nerves...( especially since that's all Kat and Gracie sang.and then the twins had an obsession and had posters... EVERYWHERE! You couldn't goo to the bathroom without seeing Harry Styles's face eyeing you while your shifting on the toilet... "UMMMMM why is Harry Styles standing by me?",I ask. "You probably got the wrong girl. I hate you guys's gutts. You must of wanted to get Kat and Gracie my two little twin sisters. They like worship y'all's feet." Harry looked at me," no love. Your Ariana Nicki Diamond, your 19 years old. Your a southern girl and you love the color blue." I looked at him in amazement. He learned that all about me... Me! A southern girl in Alabama who is to herself and very unsocial. But I had one question... Why me?

ALRIGHT GUYS THATS THE END OF THE chapter sorry it's short. When it gets to 20 reads I'll post chapter 3. And I swear it'll be longer!!! Alright... Love you my nasty ass one direction bitches. -Kat 😜✌️💁

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