That Southern Girl

Ariana is 19 years old and lives in Alabama. She has very pretty blonde hair, and blue eyes. Ariana got kidnapped into the woods and then figures it's One direction? Why her? She hates them. It should of been her sisters Kat and Gracie. She must figure out a way home... Of course... :/


1. Lost... And Kidnapped...:/

Authors note:

Hey guys! My name is Kat and I am the author and this and MORE books! If you wanna check me out..

Instagram- @miss_directionnn

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YouTube- urbeautiful4life

Alright guys! Right into the story!

Chapter 1. Lost... And kidnapped... :/

I woke up to the smell of hay.... Oh! I forgot! I must of been too tired to go inside... Great. I got up and ran about 1/2 a mile into the house. " ARIANA NICKI DIAMOND!", my mom yelled. "Yes Mom?", I ask. "Where were you last night?", she asked. I reply," oh I'm so sorry about that. You know how I was out feeding the horses, well I started to play with the bunnies and go tired and I sat on some hay and um... Fell asleep." She sighed. I ran upstairs into my room. I wasn't really close to my mom. I was more closer to my dad. Well he died when I was 3, he got into a plane and let's just say... He never returned. 😭 I don't like talking about him. He was so close to me, so now I block people out. I have 4 other friends Kenya, Bethany, and my two twin sisters Kat and Gracie. They are a year below us, but we don't care. (Back to reality) I ran into my room and took my blue dress ( for the dance tonight.) ,and got into the shower and ummm showered. I got out and dried out, straightened,and curled my blonde hair and put my clothes on. I found some brown boots and put them on. I grabbed my bag and ran outside into the field. I kept running and ran into the barn. Then I got bored and ran into the woods... ( out of the subject) so... Let me tell you about me... My name is Ariana Nicki Diamond. My initials are A.N.D. Lol. I have curly, blonde hair, and blue, bright blue eyes. I am more of not country, but southern girl. I have two twin sisters and one brother named Hunter. I like my brother 20 times more. I'm not girly and like boy-bands and wear make up. (back to reality) I kept running in the woods with my bag beside me... *an hour later* I couldn't see anything. Where was I? I don't remember anything or what direction I came from. I kept walking in circles. Then some thing knocked me in the back of the head and I saw inky blackness.

Hey guys! It's the author again! So... Did you like it or naw? Tell me! I need 5 reads and then I'll post Chapter 2!!! Alright peace out!

-Kat 😜✌️💁

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