Matt and Raelyn have been friends for 7 years. But when Matt introduces her to the rest of the Magcon boys will she fall for one if them or Matt??


8. Chapter 8

Nash's POV

My phone buzzed. It was a notification saying that Ræ uploaded a YouTube video. I watched it and I noticed at the end she was crying. I ran to my car and drove to her house. I broke through the window. I heard crying noises and I ran up to the bathroom and opened the door. " RÆ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I yelled snatching the blade out of her hand. "STOP IT! I WANT TO DIE!" She said back as she broke down in tears. I picked her up off the floor and called 911. The ambulance was there in no time and they took her to the hospital. They gave her some meds and everyone came to see her. Including Matt...

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