Matt and Raelyn have been friends for 7 years. But when Matt introduces her to the rest of the Magcon boys will she fall for one if them or Matt??


7. Chapter 7

Ræ's POV

I had to go home to get new clothes for the party. I got my Black Magcon hoodie, Shorts, and black vans. I also grabbed my black beanie. Then I went back to the hotel.


I walked in to the room and saw Matt making out with a 20 pound beach blonde who looked like she smashed a cake on her face. I covered my mouth. And held back the tears. Matt finally looked up and saw me. "R-Rae-" He said. "SAVE IT MATT! Just go back to shoving your tongue down her throat." I screamed trying to hold back the tears. I went to Nash's room and I saw Taylor, Nash, and Cameron all dancing with a bunch of girls I didn't know. I turned off the music. "EVERYBODY OUT NOW!!!!!" I yelled. They all ran out the room and it was just me, Nash, Taylor, and Cam. They saw that I was upset. "Ræ, are you okay?" Nash asked me. I shook my head and broke down crying. I told them what happened. Just then Matt walked in. "Ræ, I can explain. We were just playing truth or dare! I swear" He said. I ran out of the room and went back to my room and grabbed all of my stuff and left. I went home and did a singing video for YouTube. I sang Someone Else by Miley Cyrus. At the end I started crying. I ran in to the bathroom and got my razor and started cutting.

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