Matt and Raelyn have been friends for 7 years. But when Matt introduces her to the rest of the Magcon boys will she fall for one if them or Matt??


2. Chapter 2

Rae's POV

I waited and waited for Matt. He finally walked in with a popcorn that was bigger than both of us. Not literally but.. yeah. He climbed the stairs and managed to get there in time for the movie to start. Which was a good thing 'cause I was already scared and the movie didn't even start yet. The movie just started. It was voted "SCARIEST MOVIE EVER" in the Teen Choice Awards but pshhh... who watches those. It was about 45 minutes into the movie when I put my head on Matt's chest. He kissed my forehead but in a friend way. I like him more than that though but I don't wanna ruin our friendship. I picked my head up so I didn't fall asleep. I looked at Matt then looked away. He did the same to me. We were both looking at eachother when he leaned in to kiss me. His soft lips touched mine and it lasted about 5 seconds. "Um, I'm so sorry" He said as he got a handful of popcorn. "It's okay" I whispered.

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