Uprising 1

The kids have had enough... it's time they took over!
Set in 1962 private girls school at the time of the first Mafia war in Italy. Tanya and Grace hate life. Their fed up of being under the adults rule. They believe in equal rights and decide to fight against it, but before things have even started Grace joins the Mafia.


1. Unfair!

"Grace seriously!" Tanya whispered behind her hand "It's totally unfair!" Grace looked away from Tanya and began taking notes on the lesson. Tanya kicked her under the table. Grace kicked her back. The lesson ended. The class got up and left. Tanya ran to catch up with Grace. "Tanya, leave me alone!" Grace shouted. She stormed away and didn't turn back. Tanya sighed and went to talk to Flo. 

Grace was in the loo crying. Somebody came in. She stifled the tears and came out her toilet. It was Flo. She sighed, for a moment she had thought it was Tanya. "Grace," Flo said, "Tanya told me, you've got to do something!" Grace remained silent. Flo reached out and pulled up the sleeve of Grace's shirt  up. 

The gash was deep and bleeding. "God, Grace," Flo cried, "Who did that to you!" Grace turned away. "Grace, tell me!" Flo yelled. Grace headed towards the door. Flo sighed and pulled at Grace's shirt. "Why do you need to know?" Grace shouted as she pulled away from Flo. She pulled open the door. "If you really want to know, it was Mr Hampshire. I wouldn't clean up the staffroom." Flo looked at Grace in shock and grabbed her by the arm and led her to Tanya.


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