Uprising 1

The kids have had enough... it's time they took over!
Set in 1962 private girls school at the time of the first Mafia war in Italy. Tanya and Grace hate life. Their fed up of being under the adults rule. They believe in equal rights and decide to fight against it, but before things have even started Grace joins the Mafia.


6. Guns

The walk out had been amazing. The teachers had been fearful ever since. Of-course they got beaten, but none of them cared, they had enjoyed that day so much. One thing was wrong though, Grace hadn't turned up to school ever since. "It's not like her to abandon ship!" Flo said. Chrissie.B sighed, "I know, but what could she be doing?" All the girls but Flo and Tanya nodded. "We can't give up on her!" Tanya said. Flo agreed. "Yeah," Said Zoe, "But we can't keep up hope for her this long!" Tanya looked imploringly at her friends. "Look, Tanya, we know it's hard, but we can't just stand here waiting for someone who's never going to turn up. We might aswell give up and get on with our lives!" Suzie said. Tanya and Flo walked away.

A couple of days later, the girls were sitting on the playing field, when they saw some goth carrying a violin  walking across the grounds. Chrissie.B pointed her out. "Who the hell is she?" Suzie looked where Chrissie was pointing. "Dunno," She said,  "What about you Zoe?" Zoe looked and shook her head. "Hey!" Yelled Tanya, "It's Grace!" The girls ran over to Grace confused.

"Gracie!" Yelled Zoe. Grace turned to see them. She didn't smile Grace's old smile, she just looked at them. "Hi girls!" She said. She didn't sound  like Grace. "I didn't know you played the violin!" Flo said. "I don't!" Grace said, "It's a gun!" The girls all took a step back. "Gracie..." Suzie said astonished. Grace looked at Suzie scathingly, "My name is not Gracie. Anyway I came here to help!"


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