Uprising 1

The kids have had enough... it's time they took over!
Set in 1962 private girls school at the time of the first Mafia war in Italy. Tanya and Grace hate life. Their fed up of being under the adults rule. They believe in equal rights and decide to fight against it, but before things have even started Grace joins the Mafia.


7. Explanations

They all sat down on the picnic table. "Gracie.. oh sorry, Grace, could you explain how you got a gun?" Asked Tanya. Grace laughed and shook her head. "Do you really want to know?" Grace asked teasingly. "Yes!" Flo shouted. Grace took a deep breath, "To cut a long story short I... might have joined the Mafia!" The girls murmured in shock. "It's not that bad!" Grace said hurriedly, " I mean think about it, we have all the weapons and people we need, we can do anything. Join me and we can be free!" 

"I'm in!" Said Suzie. The girls turned and looked at her. "I'm in to!" Said Flo, and one after the other they all signed up. Tanya was last. "Tanya?" Grace said. If anyone could talk Tanya into something, it was Grace. "I'm in!" Tanya shrugged and opened her arms to hug Grace. Grace shook her head, but giggled. "We're above that now," She said, "We're the Mafia, and oh, don't bother with school, hey! We'll come in and surprise them!" The girls laughed. They were the Mafia now...


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