Uprising 1

The kids have had enough... it's time they took over!
Set in 1962 private girls school at the time of the first Mafia war in Italy. Tanya and Grace hate life. Their fed up of being under the adults rule. They believe in equal rights and decide to fight against it, but before things have even started Grace joins the Mafia.


4. Do

It was the day. Grace kept glancing at her watch. The minutes ticked by slowly. Tanya was not concentrating, her eyes were only on the clock.  Flo was tapping her pen on the table. The time seemed to never move. The tension was building fast, no-one was concentrating, and yet everyone was. 1:59. One minute left. Tick, tick, tick. The second hand ticked by. Grace just wanted it to happen. 2:00. Grace reached under the table and grabbed her board. Tanya stood up, so did Grace, Flo and Zoe and Chrissi.O. They went out of the room with the teacher screaming behind us. Georgia, Eleana, Harriet and Suzie came out of the room opposite followed by people who hadn't signed up. They all made their way down to the playing field and instead of seeing the planned 23 people they saw hundreds. Zoe high-fived Suzie, and Flo and Georgia hugged. Tanya and Grace just smiled,  there was a long way to go yet. 

Bridget Hound, a girl in lower sixth started a chant. "What do we want?" Bridget yelled. The crowd responded, "FREEDOM!"  Bridget laughed and then shouted, "When do we want it?" Bridget raised her arms asking for a response. "NOW!" They yelled. It went on. A couple of kids had climbed a tree and were preparing "weapons" for when the teachers came, and so they did.


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