Uprising 1

The kids have had enough... it's time they took over!
Set in 1962 private girls school at the time of the first Mafia war in Italy. Tanya and Grace hate life. Their fed up of being under the adults rule. They believe in equal rights and decide to fight against it, but before things have even started Grace joins the Mafia.


2. Decisions

"We have to act!" Said Tanya over the table. Grace sighed and took another bite out of her sandwich. "What can we do though?" She asked. Tanya brushed her hair out of her face and searched in her bag for something. She pulled out a piece of crumpled paper and handed it to Grace. She read the paper through twice and then looked up at Tanya quizzically.  "Jesus Tanya!" She cried, "A full uprising! I mean... How?" Tanya slid the piece of paper towards her and put it back in her bag. "I've had enough!" She said. Grace sighed again and took another vigorous bite out of her sandwich. "We all have," She said, "But that doesn't mean we all go round doing stuff like that!" Tanya leant forward and looked into her friend's eyes. "Someone has to!"  She whispered. Grace pulled her hair back and looked at Tanya. "Someone does have to," she said, "But that doesn't mean that someone is us!"

Tanya looked up painfully and got up. "Tanya listen!" Grace yelled as she chased after Tanya, "Maybe not a full uprising, but hell I'm prepared to do something!" Tanya turned. Grace smiled and shrugged.  They both grinned and hugged. "How about a walk out?" Grace suggested as they left the room.


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