The Lost Language

Channing Trent is not the average seventeen year old boy. Being home schooled and isolated from the rest of the world by his strict father, he hasn't seen the outside. He has never met any other people. He accepts that his life will not get any better than dreaming. Will not get any more dangerous than exploring his impossible imagination. That is until the distant Naomi West comes knocking with a past that has haunted both of their families for generations. The Lost Language. The key to Naomi's revenge. Her real life. Nothing like Channing's dreams. The only similarity between them...their fate.


1. Not the Normal Tuesday...

 I sit on the old wooden stool. The stool that i had seemed to be sitting on for my whole life. "Jeremy",  I call from the kitchen, half a mouth full of wheatabix. "Channing, i'm busy, whatever it is i'm sure it can wait"... That's my father for you, I scoff at the reply. I turn over my hands, realizing that by now if i were normal, they'd be collaged in scars from fighting and building things. I exhale. I had never been that.

After finishing my breakfast I stand and place my empty dish and spoon in the sink, turning the tap on full force.

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