My Boo [ON HOLD]

I'm Kayla Martina. I've lived in London for most of my life but I just recently moved to Chino Hills. As we began to unpack I kept hearing that voice. I was automatically attracted. Who is it? Will there be a relationship? What is he like? Find out in "My Boo".


1. Prologue/ Intro

Hello! My name is Kayla Somers. I'm 5'6 and I have long brown hair that compliments my mint green eyes. Here I am -------> 

I live with my brother, Chaz, but lately he has been on tour with his friend, Justin Bieber.

I remember some things about Justin but Chaz made sure to keep me away from him. He said that he was a bad boy. He made sure that I stayed away from him. Although I LOOOOVVVEEEE Chaz, he has to know his limits. This is me and Chaz when we were little. When Chaz didn't have to go away for half a year. 

Yes I am the one with the pink sweater. That is my favorite picture of us. That's the day before he met Justin. I know he is young but people change at young ages. As he grew older some of Justin's bad habits grew on him. He started drinking and doing drugs and becoming a man-whore. I was sick and tired of his bullshit so when I threatened to leave Chaz he begged me to stay. I then realized that I couldn't just abandon him. So I moved in with him. We had an amazing time bonding until JUSTIN came back around. He took my Chaz away from me. I live basicly alone now. Chaz is usually in Justin tour bus puffin' smoke while making out with some skinny hoe he found on the street. I sometimes wish he would get AIDs and just leave the women alone. [A/N: If you or a loved one have AIDs I am so sorry and did not mean that in an offensive way. I hope that you or your loved one feels better.] Don't get me wrong, I love the OLD Chaz, but he can be a real dick. Anyways, tomorrow Justin is suppose to show up tomorrow and help Chaz pack for his "tour". Im so excited...*Note the sarcasm *

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