That's Life *ON HOLD*

Brielle is just a normal girl, she faces all the ups and downs of life. She's not the most popular kid at school, she has a massive crush, and of course Breille has a frenemy. She and her friends have has enough of new girl of the group, Opal, but what will happen when Opal pushes Breille to her limits?
Read on to find out!


4. In the Limelight

Opal's POV

I sighed as I stood outside the form classroom, listening to Brielle babbling on about how she "nearly fainted" during her stupid music exam. I swear, she's so flipping full of herself, like, hello? You're not the only person in the world!

Sophie joined the group around her and, you guessed it, asked about the exam. I couldn't stand this anymore, "She started shaking, and thought she was going to faint, no biggie," I interrupted.

If anyone was going to get attention, it was me. There's so many crappy stories going round, nobody wants to listen but little brats just blurt it out to everyone and anyone who will listen. Geez, long story short, this happened, the end. No need to turn it into something it's not.

Brielle glared at me from the corner of her eye, slightly distracted by the fact I was telling the story for her. However, none of the girls listened to me, and crowded past to chat eagerly with Brielle. Uughh! She's such an attention seeker, she can't even see that NO. BODY. CARES.

Finally the teacher arrived, wearing another of her revealing outfits. Miss Bounty is just as bad as Brielle, in her horrible skin tight skirts and the way she giggles and twirls her hair at the male teachers.

Grabbing my bag from the ground, I sighed.

I can't wait to get this day over.

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