That's Life *ON HOLD*

Brielle is just a normal girl, she faces all the ups and downs of life. She's not the most popular kid at school, she has a massive crush, and of course Breille has a frenemy. She and her friends have has enough of new girl of the group, Opal, but what will happen when Opal pushes Breille to her limits?
Read on to find out!


10. In a Brush-Stroke

Brielle's POV

I lifted my head to see Opal staring at me through her burgundy glasses in a really creepy way, raising my eyebrows at her in a questioning expression, I turned back to my page.

It was second period, Art and Design where the teacher was letting us listen to the radio while the GCSE students like Lucy and I added more to our coursework, everyone else was allowed to do what they wanted so long as it was done calmly and quietly.

I carefully dipped the brush into the water and then gently stroked it along the black mane of the rearing stallion I was painting. I peeked over Lucy's shoulder and saw she was drawing a pair of baby pink pointe ballet shoes, the sheen of the satin looking close to real. She turned to me and smiled, "Looks like someone has you on their death list!" giggling she tilted her head backwards at the girl dressed in the burgundy outfit; her jumper, glasses, shoes, leggings, heck! Even her hair was burgundy!

"Eh, I don't really care, she's just jealous that she's not centre of attention." I shrugged it off easily, my feather earrings bouncing lightly on my shoulders. "The shoes are really good, by the way. I love how you managed to capture the shine of the material." I complimented Lucy's artistic skills, steering the subject away from Opal.

"It had better be! I spent at least an hour yesterday evening practicing, my parents had to literally lock the paints away!" She laughed.

"Haha! I'm glad Miss McCormick let us start, it will give us some time over summer to perfect our brushwork for the finals in October." I put my head back down, focusing on the sleekness of the neck muscles. She nodded in agreement, before lifting the waterpot away. "Better start tidying, the bell rings in five minutes and we don't want to be late for break!" Lucy quickly informed me as she scurried off in the direction of the sink.

I was gathering my things, as the devil herself strutted towards me. "Wow! That's amazing!" she exclaimed loudly, smirking at me. She's up to something, I cautioned myself , "You go and tidy your paints and what-not, I'll hand the painting into the teacher for you." Opal offered, plastering an innocent smile on her face. "Well, I-Um..." I stuttered, unsure what to make her new found kindness, "I'll take that as a 'Yes, that would be great. Thank you Opal!' " she sneered, grabbing the canvas and spinning around before I could stop her.

"NOOOO!" I screamed, stretching my arm out uselessly. She had purposely smacked into one of the boys, Peter to be precise (he happened to have a split class with us for art) and the framing of the canvas had been shattered.

Peter's POV

It happened when I had been walking over to see if Brielle needed any help putting the paints and brushes she was using away. I had been looking at the ground while walking, mentally practicing what I was going to say to her, when all of a sudden something stabbed into my stomach.

"Ouch!" I muttered out loud. "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't see you there." A girl with dyed hair and glasses said sarcastically, putting emphasis on the 'see'. "It's alri- Wait! Is that not Brielle's painting?" I realised as I looked at the scrunched up image of a black stallion laying on the ground, torn from the wooden frame. "Oops!" was all she said before dumping it in the bin and shimmying away.

I heard a choking sound, and turned to see Brielle standing there, looking longingly at the bin as if the painting would just hop back out in one piece again. A glistening tear rolled down her cheek, but she quickly wiped it away and turned to me. "I hate her. I spent so flipping long on that flipping picture. It took me almost two hours to get the pencilling just right! And now it's gone. All. Because. Of. Her!" she pointed at the girl's retreating back. I had to resist the urge to hug her close to me, so instead a said the first thing that came to mind, "You- no, I mean- IT was amazing." I shuffled my feet to hide the embarrassment of nearly telling her she was amazing. Pulling my hand through my brown hair, I glanced back up at Brielle when she said, "I'm so sorry. I mean, I just kind of had a full rant about her in front of you. Sorry." she apologised again, "Nah, it's fine. If somebody did that to my work I'd probably do that too." I chuckled, trying to lighten the mood.

I heard whistles from across the room, and turned to see Jay and Lucas making hearts at me and Brielle. Her face flushed a deep pink, before flashing a quick smile and me and hurrying out the door after the blonde girl who had been painting with her.


(Opal's outfit )

(Peter's outfit )

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