That's Life *ON HOLD*

Brielle is just a normal girl, she faces all the ups and downs of life. She's not the most popular kid at school, she has a massive crush, and of course Breille has a frenemy. She and her friends have has enough of new girl of the group, Opal, but what will happen when Opal pushes Breille to her limits?
Read on to find out!


8. *Author's Note

Hey guys!

Sorry for this but I'm going to be changing a small detail in the storyline, so instead of being 12-13 years old, the girls are now 17 coming 18 years old. I changed this because I wanted the group of friends to be living together to kinda make their friendship stronger.

Also, I'm changing were they live, from Balerno, Scotland to Belfast, N. Ireland as that's were I'm from and it will make life easier as I know what places and landmarks there are in Northern Ireland.

Sorry if this confuses you in anyway, and feel free to comment and leave feed back or ask questions.

Enjoy the next chapter :)

-BethaBoo xx

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