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a girl named casey and a boy named trevor are the "best couple ever" but what people dont see is what goes on behind closed doors....


17. ultrasound (about 2 months later)

  Me, my mom, and Tate were sitting in my moms car waiting for trevor's mom and trevor. Tate was in the front seat and me, trevor and his mom were in the back. we were on our way to the ultrasound. i was excited to see what i was having. i really wanted a boy, like A lot. we arrived at the tiny doctors office where they would examine my stomach. we walked in about 5 minutes late because trevor's mom 'needed' her camera. when we walked in the lady in scrubs with the name tag of Alice walked up.

"casey and trevor?"

"yes thats us" he said

"is this everyone who's gonna be here today?" she asked 

"yeah this is all"

"ok follow me" 

we all followed her to a tiny room behind the counter. i had a small belly, not too noticeable, but you could tell. she told me to lay down on the bed. she pulled out this jelly stuff then rubbed it on my stomach. it was really cold. she put the machine on the put the thingy on my stomach trying to find the baby. she finally found it. 

"well, congratulations... its a boy"

i smiled i was so happy 

"good because i wanted a boy"

 i place my hands on my stomach 

"hi baby, i cant wait to see you, mommy loves you"

everyone was smiling and all hugging. it was the first time i saw my mom actually smile. she was smiling a real smile. 

****after the ultrasound***

me my mom and Tate went back to my moms house and trevor had to go to practice. we were walking into my house when i heard Tate's mom call him over. he walked over and told her in was a boy. then told him that she was taking charlotte to get ice cream. he bent down and hugged her. i came to the conclusion that charlotte was his little sister. he waved me over to his house. 

"my mom said she has my old baby clothes in the basement because she thought charlotte was gonna be a boy" he laughed


"c'mon lets go through them"

"okay" i said again

we were walking down into his basement which looked more like a VIP area in a club. he picked up a bag and brought it over to where i was sitting. he opened the bag and clothes poured out. we were sorting through clothes and he had the cutest baby clothes. 

"so, thought of any names yet?" he asked

"yeah, im thinking Jesse. i've always liked that name"

he smiled. "i like that name too" he smiled.

i was picking out baby clothes that i thought a Jesse would look good in. 

'ya know, it isnt that hard."

"what?" i asked 

"raising a baby, i mean it IS hard but not as hard as people make it seem" he smiled

we heard the front door open then we heard little footsteps coming down the steps. 

"daddy, daddy" charlotte was screaming while jumping into Tate's arms.

charlotte was his daughter???. i was really surprised. she was telling him about the flavor ice cream she got and how her grandmom took her to the park afterward. she ran upstairs to get her cup of juice


"charlotte is your daughter??" i asked ruder than i meant it to be

"yeah, her mom died during birth, so I had to take her. I love her to death, thats why I don't show her to she doesn't think she was a mistake because she isn't. she's my miracle and i'm happy I have her."

"im sorry if i asked it rude, i was just surprised" i said

"its okay, but thats why i said i could treat you better, because i know how pregnant girls are. and i wanted to help you, i want to help raise your baby, i like you alot Casey and i know you have a boyfriend but he really doesn't deserve you"


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