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a girl named casey and a boy named trevor are the "best couple ever" but what people dont see is what goes on behind closed doors....


13. the next day

 when we got back from insomnia cookies we went back to bed. i woke up around seven in the morning, i was very tired but i needed to go to school with trevor to get some work then come back here because i dont want drama in school about me being knocked up. i woke trevor up and he smiled

"this is great"

"what" was he sleep talking?

"waking up to my beautiful girlfriend, i love it"

i was blushing at this point. we got dressed then got in his truck. i saw i had a text from my mom. 

'hey honey, i was wondering if we could go shopping. i know its only been a day but this house is so lonely without you. i miss you, text me <3'

so i replied

'hey mom, i miss you too. its weird not being around you anymore. maybe after i finish today's work we can go shopping or something. i love you mom.'

i truly missed my mom. even thou i barely got to see her when i lived there its much different. it's weird but i cant explain it. she's the only parent i've ever had and now i feel like i have no parent. i guess i started crying because trevor asked if i was ok.

"yeah, im fine" i wiped my eyes.

he put his one arm around me while driving with the other hand. 

we arrived at school and people kept staring at me.i was so tempted to punch them all. i saw Alyssa and lord did she change and NOT for the better. she dyed her hair red, but since shes pale she looked like a fucking tampon, and she was either stuffing her bra or got a boob job but damn was it bad! she seriously looks ugly as hell. she ran up to trevor like she was... nevermind thats mean but she was all over him. 

"excuse me, but your on my boyfriend!" i growled

"oh, yeah well he's like my brother" she said cockily 

"no you want him to be your FUCK buddy but, slut he doesnt want you!"

trevor was cracking u and she stomped her foot

"TREVOR! is she serious, do you think im a slut?"

"welll you DID try sleeping with the whole football team..." he said while cracking up

she marched off with her arms folded like a spoiled little brat. if my kid was ever like that i'd slap her!

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