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a girl named casey and a boy named trevor are the "best couple ever" but what people dont see is what goes on behind closed doors....


10. the move

   i was packing my bag to move into Trevor's...who knew  I'd have a kid calling me mommy at the age of 16

after i packed all my clothes and everything, all that was in my room was my mattress and little things i didn't feel were to important to bring. i started not being able to breath then i got tears in my eyes that felt like a burning sensation. my mom came up and hugged me.

"it's ok Cas, everyone makes mistakes"

"this baby ISN'T a mistake! okay? its a miracle but this miracle came early"

"sweetie, im sorry i know your...i actually don't know how you feel about this baby"

"i feel.... ok....i feel ok about the baby"

we heard a car horn outside which must have been Trevor's mom with the truck to pick up my stuff. my mom and trevor wouldn't let me carry my boxes which i found really stupid but whatever i didn't have to do work haha.

** at his house** 

his mom led me to the basement which looked like it was in the middle of renovation. 

"umm, casey this is your sorry its kinda messy" his mom smiled a faint smile. 

"it's fine thank you"

Trevor was carrying boxes down the stairs. the 'room' already had a big queen size mattress whit a bed frame. there was a t.v it wasn't hooked up but that could change. there was a bathroom with a shower. it was actually a pretty big room which also had a separate room which i was guessing was going to be the baby's room. trevor's mom walked over to me

"that was gonna be my office, but that was when i was addicted to LSD, and they did a drug test at my work...i was fired right there"

" what...wait you did drugs?"

"yeah, i dont anymore.. this is when trevor was five and my mother and father took him and sent me to rehab" 

"oh, im so sorry"

"im fine now... thank you thou" his mom smiled politely.

Trevor came walking in as his mom walked out. he came over and hugged me. 

"This is good for us, not having to be in separate homes"

"yeah, im just scared." 

"why are you scared" he looked confused.

"well, i was watching sixteen and pregnant and the girl moved in with her boyfriend,.. well he wasn't her boyfriend he was a one night stand, but anyway they moved in and started to HATE each other and i DONT WANT THAT BEING US"

i walked over to the bed and sat down. i plopped my head into the pillow aggressively.

"that wont be us, i promise"

"you promise?" i said raising my head.

"i promise" he smiled and we both laid back down

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