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a girl named casey and a boy named trevor are the "best couple ever" but what people dont see is what goes on behind closed doors....


8. the doctors office

 **a week later***

i havent gone to school since the trevor incident. ive been throwing everything up and its been horrible. my mom made a doctors appointment for me which makes me extremely nervous. 

"c'mon cas, were gonna be late"

i didnt want to go at all. of course because my mom would find out im pregnant and its gonna be REALLY bad for me. I MIGHT GIVE HER A STROKE!. nobody knows how scared i am....

** at doctors office**

they just took abunch of test's and im FREAKING out!. my moms trying to talk to me but i cant speak. im sweating and cant breath.

"casey are you okay you look really sick"

i got up and ran into the bathroom passing my doctor on the way. after i threw up i went into my 'room' which was just the room she took test's in. my mom was tearing up a bit and i knew the nurse told her i was pregnant. i slowly walked up to my mom and sat next to her. i put my arm around her and i couldn't even tell her i was sorry or anything i just couldnt speak.

"well... casey did you know about this?"

"huh?" i could barely chock it out

"your.. um.. pregnancy"

i just looked at my mom and she put her head in her lap as i could hear her sob. 

"actually yes"

"well your gonna need weekly chech ups for you and the baby. do you know who the father is"

that offended me

"well since he was my first AND last and im not a slut yeah i think i have a good idea of who he is!" i practically screamed.

"OH, umm well is he gonna come to the check ups?" 

"i dont know" 

after my mom singed papers we got in the car. 

"mom im so so SO sorry. we used protection and and i should have told you i was having sex mom--" she cut me off

"dont say your sorry...its my fault..if i was there with you, you guys wouldnt have been left alone with the ideas of it. if anything im sorry casey....but we NEED to tell his parents."

i froze...we CANT tell his parents..... im screwed. 


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