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a girl named casey and a boy named trevor are the "best couple ever" but what people dont see is what goes on behind closed doors....


16. that day

 after shopping at the mall we went back to my moms house to have dinner. we ordered bacon pizza and regular pizza. my mom invited Tate over  and it was just the three of us. we were sitting at my dinning room table eating ALOT of pizza and Tate kept staring at me. 

"yes?" i asked

"you said your pregnant right?"

ughh oh here goes the criticism, god everybody judges me for being pregnant like fuck off.


"well do you know what it is yet?" he asked curiously 

"no im hoping its a boy, why?"

"well, my mom has baby clothes in the basement, and if you need them we can give them to you"

my mom finished swallowing her last bite of pizza

"aww Tate thats so sweet, we're supposed to be finding out what the baby is in like 2 months, we will certainly let you know." my mom said 

i looked at her surprised 

"you can come to the ultrasound?"

"yeah, i took off i wasn't gonna miss this"

i smiled i was extremely happy. after we were done eating my mom had to go to her office because she forgot her paper work and trevor was at football practice until 8:00 and it was only 6:30 so me and trevor just hung out in my basement. we were sitting on the couch watching 16 and pregnant. he kept inching closer to me and i felt a bit awkward but excited at the same time. he got so close to me our thighs were touching and he put his arm around me. i looked up at him and he did something we both regretted. he leaned down and kissed me. it wasn't just any kiss though it was like he meant it. like he really liked me not just a hit a run type of kiss. i pulled back and looked at him. i guess i had a shocked expression.

"i'm so--"

i cut him off by kissing him back. we kissed for about 5 minutes and it was french. he pulled away and just stared at me

"your boyfriend is gonna fucking kill me" he laughed 

"i wont tell, he'll probably be mad at me and make me move out and ugh thats to much"

"maybe you should leave him, i can treat you better"

i just stared at him

"and how is that, me moving into YOUR house and then my boyfriend well, EX boyfriend finding you and beating you up with his jock friends? i don't want that to happen to you! your a very nice guy and shouldn't have to deal with my dick head of a boyfriend"

"i dont care let him hit me i took boxing" he laughed

we both laughed a little when my phone started buzzing


'hey baby, im done practice. im on my way to get you'

'okay see you soon'

Tate stared at me.

"my boyfriend is on his way here"

"i should leave before my ass gets handed to me" he laughed

his laugh wasn't only sexy but adorable. we walked up to my living room and we saw trevor's truck. 

"shit!" i said

"its okat just say your mom invited me"

we walked outside and he waved goodbye 

"bye Tate" i said 

i walked to trevor's truck and hopped in. 

"really?" he asked 


" your hanging with that pansy?"

"actually my mom invited him over for pizza, i had no say, and babe he's not that bad. really"

"oh, and Alyssa isn't that bad either maybe ill call her up tomorrow, ill hang with Alyssa and you can hangout with your pansy!"

"trevor stop being such a dick! you hangout with Alyssa im done and moving back with my mom! Tate isn't my ex AND i never fucked him you fucked Alyssa and she is your ex"

i was tearing up and a tear slipped down my cheek.

"look, Casey i'm sorry okay? its just,... i don't want to lose and this baby are and always will be the best thing that happens to me"

i just looked out the passenger side window. i could tell he was now upset because he placed his hand on my knee. i jerked away and he sighed. 

"i said i was sorry"

"doesn't mean you meant it"

"but i do, im sorry" he said 

"okay, if your sorry i want you to not only apologize to me but apologize to Tate. he's a good person and he's like my only friend anymore"

"okay, ill apologize tomorrow in school, i promise"


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