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a girl named casey and a boy named trevor are the "best couple ever" but what people dont see is what goes on behind closed doors....


7. silence

  "i ponder of something great my lungs will fill and then deflate they fill with fire exhale desire i know its dire my time today...(twenty one pilots car radio)


   "yes" he said 

i looked at him. i didnt know i was crying but then i felt the river of tears streaming down my face. he looked at me with a guilty face.

"c'mon i mean were SIXTEEN cas' yes i thought of abortion! i didnt think im ready ok? but i am i AM ready mainly because its yours casey and thats all i ever wanted...was to start a family with you"

"ours" i said quietly 


"you said because its mine, the baby, well no its not MINE its OURS"

"yeah, i meant ours"

i got up and walked to the bathroom. i threw up.. again. im so tired of this im not ready but i dont believe in abortion i would never kill a innocent baby because of MY mistake. i walked back into his room and laid down. did he really want me to get an abortion? and that whole thing he said...did he really mean it?

' look im sorry okay? i know what i thought about probably got you mad but casey, im here i could say it a thousand times and i know you wont believe me but its true! im here for you i love you"

i rolled on my opposite side (not facing him anymore) 

"love you too trev." 

i woke up at  9:30 unusual saturday. i didnt wake trevor up like i usually did. i grabbed my pants and shirt from the day before and threw them in my sleepover bag. i threw on a pair of his sweatpants that he gave me awhile ago with a t-shirt with twenty-one pilots on it. i turned my ipod on the one of my good songs. car radio. i grabbed my stuff and left his house. as i was walking i texted him knowing his phone was on silent. 

' hey, sorry i didnt wake you up. i dont feel good and i really just need time alone to think things out. ill text you later. i love you trevor. <3'

i got to my house right before my mom got home. i was sitting on the couch when she walked in. 

"hey sweetie. no trevor today?"

"no i dont feel good"

"oh, well ill give you some medicine and you can go to sleep. when you wake up ill make you your favorite lunch. sound good?"

"thanks mom" i got up and walked to my room. 

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