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a girl named casey and a boy named trevor are the "best couple ever" but what people dont see is what goes on behind closed doors....


9. holy shit

 i froze... we CANT tell his parents..... im screwed.

my mom was silently crying as i got one of the biggest anxiety attacks of my life time. we pulled up in his drive way. i felt like i was gonna faint. my mom made me go with her to tell his mom and oh my lord i am so scared. we knocked on the door and his mom opened the door. 

"hello, livie (his moms name) me and casey need to talk to you and trevor for a second."

"oh, yeah come in" she smiled, that smile wouldn't be there for long. we sat on the couch for a second before i started shaking really badly. 

"cas' are you ok?" his mom asked

"yeah im fine"

she walked upstairs and got trevor who was sleeping. they both came walking downstairs and he looked nervous as hell. 

"umm, so casey...has been awfully sick lately...and well we made a doctors appointment... and..." 

my mom paused as she wiped a tear away.

"shes pregnant" 

his mom went from a semi smile to straight up frowning. she looked so pissed. 

"TREVOR, HOW DARE YOU!!" she screamed and i thought she was gonna flip. 

"mom look i used protection.." she cut him off

"WHY WOULD YOU EVEN HAVE SEX YOU'RE SIXTEEN WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!" She was still screaming and at that point i fainted. 

when i woke up i was laying on trevor's couch. his mom was lightly talking to him about what me and him thought were a good idea and her and my mom were talking about keeping it a secret until we know what me and trevor want to do. we decided to keep the baby. it was better than abortion and adoption. his mom told me that if i need to i could live with her because my mom has to work early morning and sometimes night so it would be a drag to keep her up while she's usually on business trips. she showed me a spare room where the baby's room would be and how a door connect through a hall into trevors room (kinda like a closet) 

*later that night* 

i was packing my bag to move into trevor's house...who knew id have a kid calling me mommy at the age of 16

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