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a girl named casey and a boy named trevor are the "best couple ever" but what people dont see is what goes on behind closed doors....


15. him

trevor walked me to my homeroom class to get all my assignments. as i walked in there was this boy standing in front of the class as Mrs. diana was introducing him. i stood back, i didnt want to interrupt. 

"class, this is Tate Langdon. he just moved into the neighborhood and, well here he is" she smiled that fake smile to make the new student feel welcomed even thou in 20 minutes tops she'll be rude as hell. 

he went and sat next to my desk so that means ill be sitting next to him when i come back. he looked HOT and i know its wrong because i have a boyfriend but still. i walked to Mrs. diana's desk to gather my papers. she handed me a pile all from math, reading, science, history ect. she called Tate over. 

"Tate this is Casey, she sits in the seat next to you but she had to take some personal time off of school,.." she turned and looked at me "im pretty sure he moved to the house next to you" she smiled "get to know each other" her smile got wider. i turned to Tate. he put his hand As a gesture to shake his hand. i took his hand, it was warm and i got butterflies. trevor walked over

"lets go babe, gotta get you home" he grabbed my hand and pulled me along

"bye Tate" i heard myself mumble. 

we were walking to trevor's truck and his face seemed to be turning red. 

"you okay?" i asked

"did you see the way he was looking at you, i could kill him!"

"what?" i asked confused

"that Tate kid, he was eyeing you up like a piece of candy, he can back off, your MY girl and your pregnant with MY kid!"

i looked at him shocked.

"babe CALM down, i dont want Tate i want you" i grabbed his hand and pulled him in for a kiss. 

"look your gonna be late for class, ill walk home, i love you"

he smiled "i love you too"

***at trevor's house***

i was listening to 'hear you me' by jimmy eat world and doing my assignments. they took a pretty long time to finish but it was a weeks worth so i guess i can understand. plus all my bathroom breaks haha. it was about 330 by the time i was done a trevor was on his way home. i texted him on his lunch period and asked if he could drive me to my mom's and he said when he gets home from school he will. i heard the door open and i ran upstairs. i practically jumped on trevor. 

" i misssssseeeedddd youuuuuu"

"me too, even thou it hasn't even been a day" he laughed.

"yeah, haha, i finished all my assignments for the week so i can SLEEP!" he laughed

"still want to go to your moms?"

"yeah" i said.

we got in the truck and drove to my moms. we saw her pulling up in her drive way and Tate outside with a little kid about 2 and a half. trevor got out of the car and so did i. 

"bye babe have fun" he practically yelled so Tate could hear him. Tate glanced over and just as he did trevor kissed me on the lips. he walked back to his truck and once he left Tate put the kid in the house and walked over.

"hi casey" his voice was so sweet 

"hi Tate" i laughed 

he smiled and we kinda just stood there.

"so im guessing that was your boyfriend" he said

"yeah, im staying with him and his mom for a while, i just came to hangout with my mom."

"oh, thats cool. why are ya staying with him and his mom?"

i looked at my stomach for a while then back up at him.

"ohhhh i see, got you knocked up?"

"yeah" i sighed 

my mom was waiting in the car

"hey, Tate wanna come shopping with us?" my mom yelled through the car window

"um, i dont know if i can, moms got work and i have to babysit charlotte. maybe next weekend."

i was kinda disappointed i was looking forward to hangout with him. 

"ok see ya" my mom said.

i got in the car with my mom and we took off to the mall....who was charlotte?


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