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a girl named casey and a boy named trevor are the "best couple ever" but what people dont see is what goes on behind closed doors....


6. crazy dreams

 (that night)

i was walking down a hall with trevor,we kept hearing screaming. who was that? we kept walking and i fell down a hole. a deep dark hole. what the hell? i found myself on a hospital bed. i was giving birth!! Mr.H was my doctor. 

"good job casey, you look great" he winked 

i woke up screaming at trevor's house.

"BABE BABE whats wrong??!??"

" i- um i i i just had a bad dream" i stuttered 

he wrapped me in his arms. his mom was out of town and his dad was never in his life. i came over almost every weekend. i was able to because my mom worked nights into tomorrow at 10:30 which is the time me and trevor hangout anyway so i come and spend the night and she doesn't even find out. this is probably the main cause of me being pregnant, shit happens for a reason right? all this thinking i couldn't fall asleep. my brain was on and my body was off. i pulled out from trevor while he was asleep to go get a drink. i walked downstairs and got a glass of orange juice. the minute it slipped down my throat i had to run to the bathroom. i puked all my dinner and orange juice up. trevor came running into the bathroom. 

"baby are you okay?"

"yeah just--" i threw up in the middle of my sentence

"sick" i chuckled 

after i threw up and washed my mouth out with mouth wash i went back to lay down with trevor. 

"can i ask you a question?" i asked trevor

"sure babe anything"

"well, ummm..... are you nervous about the baby?"

"well yeah anyone our age would, but ill be here for every decision you make i promise"

i smiled knowing he would keep his promise. except he looked at me strangely.

"have you thought of abortion?" he asked

i stared at him in confusion. i thought he wanted the baby.

"not really, ive thought but i couldnt go through with it."

he looked nervous /mad /upset. i looked at him with a blank expression

"have you?!"

he face became blank and he just stared at me


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