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a girl named casey and a boy named trevor are the "best couple ever" but what people dont see is what goes on behind closed doors....


3. chapter one

 the water hit her skin hard. her hair was covering her stomach which she was staring at. she had tears pouring out but you couldn't tell it just looked like she was in the shower...which she was. she was confused, mad, sad, desperate, and most of all scared. she hadn't gotten her period in a month. she was worried sick. today was the day trevor would bring the pregnancy test to school to see if she was truly pregnant. she heard her mother calling for her to hurry up and get out so she wouldn't be late but she didn't care, honestly she was scared to get out, scared to see the truth that she thinks she already knows....she was pregnant

Casey's P.O.V

i turned the hot water off and grabbed the pink tale sitting on the heater. i wrapped it around my body to dry off. i walked to my room and threw on a baggy sweat shirt and some skinny jeans. if i was pregnant i didn't want it to show. i walked downstairs as my mom kissed me on my forehead

"finally, you took almost 30 minutes"

"sorry i kinda feel asleep"

she shook her head like she always does when i lie. my mom and dad seperated when i was seven so she didnt have any more kids. i was a single child and shes always over worrying about me. its very annoying. 

"hey mom, can i go over trevor's tonight?"

"uh idk casey.. well maybe... only if u call me every hour that you're there and check in."

"mom you're always over worrying"

she gave me a dirty look and went back to making her lunch. she worked at the plaza hotel.she was the manager. 

my bus beeped telling me it was time to go to school. i got up, grabbed my book bag, and walked out the door. 


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