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a girl named casey and a boy named trevor are the "best couple ever" but what people dont see is what goes on behind closed doors....


5. casey's P.O.V

   i decided to take all three test's just to be safe. it took like 20 minutes just to get them all back... they were all postive. i started shaking and crying and my anxiety got to be really bad. i walked out of them bathroom and into class

"mrs. casey where were you?" my bitch of a science teacher asked.

"i was in the bathroom im not feeling well."

"thats no excues! i expect more of you" she said in a cocky tone

"and i expect you not to be a bitch when im not feeling well" i didnt hear myself until the words slipped out.


i walked out of that bitches class and stormed down the hallway. all this stress is making me become...well....not me. i walked past trevors class and he was shaking his leg... a nervous habit of his. i guess he was worrying about me. i slowly walked to Mr. Hennessey's office. not trying to get of topic but hes REALLY HOT! but anyways, i walked in and sat down. 

"ahhh mrs. casey, well never thought id see you here"

"yeah im just having a bad day.." my voice drifted off.

"well, what happened?"

"i called Mrs. diana a bitch" i giggled when his jaw dropped


"im just.. its having a bad day..OK? thats all i think i should go back to class now"

"nah,  maybe if your having a bad day you could stay here and help out around the office"

"that would be great thanks Mr. H" i said happily.

"let me just call mrs. diana while you go threw those files and put them in alphabetical order"


i walked over to the file cabinet and serached threw the files to put them in order. after ten minutes Mr. H came back out, he came up to me and was helping me put the files in order. we accidentally touched hands trying to grab the same file

"opps im sorry" i said blushing

he smiled and we went back to working. he kept staring at my chest which i found alittle weird but its whatever hes an adult he wont and cant do anything. i stood up to brush off the dust and dirt off my pants and was bent down. Mr.H stood up and stood behind me. i felt like someone was touching my hips. i turned around and saw Mr.H grabbing my hips.

"thanks for the help cas"

cas? what the-- i was cut off my Mr.H hugging me, JESUS CHRIST IS HE COMING ON TO ME?!?!?!

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