Battle For Cody

Nicole and Burklyn both want cody but Burklyn is the stylish model for cover girl and Chanel while Nicole is just a small town singer ~


2. nicole-the meet

I woke up with straight hair in a ponytail. It was a little messy so I put it in a bun. Cody and I were going to the talent agent today. I grabbed a sunflower skirt with a gray crop top. The shoes were tan small heels. I never dressed too fancy like models or celebrities. When we got there we both were dressed fancy ish. He had on a normal t shirt, and jeans. They were blue like his eyes. We waited in the waiting room. We only knew eachother for two days.

"That was really weird wasn't it?" He laughed and whispered.

"Definitely. I didn't even know it would happen." We both laughed a little. I played with my bracelets.

"Cody and Nicole" a woman with long blond, straight hair in her 50's smiled and waved us over into a room.

When we got in their we found seats.

"I'm jessica, your agent. First we need to learn about eachother." She smiled.

"Well I have two siblings and obviously a marvelous voice." He clapped and laughed loud.

She then looked at me.

"I'm just a casual girl who likes to sing" we laughed.

"Well then were ready to start." She laughed and handed us papers.

"Cody simpson and Nicole Kay will both be singing at moores beach. They agree to be fun and outgoing with everyone. Also, in no way should they be drinking and driving."

We both signed under the small writing and she then gave us $400 each.

"You two should also get outfits, or makeup to do this but, be yourselves!" She smiled.

We both smiled and walked out.

"That was crazy." He laughed.

"I know right! I giggled.

We would never be the same.

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