Battle For Cody

Nicole and Burklyn both want cody but Burklyn is the stylish model for cover girl and Chanel while Nicole is just a small town singer ~


6. Nicole

I opened my eyes, escaping the sweet kiss. With  my eyelashes flickering back and forth, I smiled lightly. Cody beamed, slightly, his deep blue eyes shimmering. We were changed so we silently agreed to go back  to  the beach, since we had to meet up anyways with owners of all the shops.

"Hey Riley, Hey Nolan" cody waved to a group of guys and  led me toward them. They gestured to a bench, I sat next to Riley who had chocolatey,copper eyes and curly dark golden hair. Nolan had swifty brown hair with blue tips at the end of his quiff. He had a lip and nose piercing.

"Aye man" Nolan chuckled, looking towards Riley in a sort of secret code. "Nice Babe you got there" Nolan winked at me. "Whats your name?" He asked, leaning back in his seat.

"Nicole" I smiled, trying to be polite.

"Nolan." He checked me out, tilting down his head.

"If you dont stop staring I swear" I chuckled. We all started laughing. "whats your name?" I smiled towards Riley, obviously knowing his name. I just wanted to make sure he wasn't left out.

"Riley" He smiled, blushing. I grinned back , knowing that my dimples were  probably very pinched in. I felt a hand on my back, as I shivered.

"Hey Nicole, Cody its time for our meeting" Jeydon, the worker for an icecream place showed us  over to a table in his shop


When we sat down in the small chairs, we went over all details about how to advertise for the icecream, and so forth. Then, we started to yawn. They finally let us go at 9, so as deprived of sleep as we were, we decided to go home.

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