Battle For Cody

Nicole and Burklyn both want cody but Burklyn is the stylish model for cover girl and Chanel while Nicole is just a small town singer ~


1. Nicole

The lights glimmered down the roads of Australia, Nicole's home since she was born. She had brown wavy hair that fell down her waist. Her green eyes were the apple green that usually only cats had. ~

Nicole's p.o.v

I straightened my hair with the straightner I got last week. My hair was too wavy and messy to keep it natural. I played with my hair in one hand and straightened with another. All day I had jumped around because today I was going to the opening of the new beach. Well, second opening because of the drinkers who LITERALY burned everything down. I grabbed my jean shorts and blue crop top with flowers and rode down the streets. As I saw the beach, it was better than ever, with new rides and bars and snack shacks . They also had a stage and surfboards like always. But the bar got smaller, thankfully.

I ran down to the part where you could see the horizon, and waves meeting sand. My bike was in my locker, I bought, and all my things were too. I stuck my feet in water and laughed because a baby fish came by and it was teeny tiny and adorable. It had neon green and yellow stripes. Someone was stepping closer so it swam away. I turned around and saw a guy around my age, with blonde wavy hair and blazing blue eyes.

"The babies are adorable aren't they?" He sat next to me, behind my shoulders though. I was sitting holding my knees up to my chest.

" yeah, they never used to come out though. Probably because the drinkers" I added and we both laughed.

"And have you seen the stage? I mean I was so excited to see the audition papers!" He jumped in.

" me too! Last year we all got to sing like twice but now only three people"!!! I smiled.

"There's not gonna be any competition for us though," he said as he laughed with me.

We both started singing to a bunch of songs and laughed a few times. Then we started jumping around. Then, someone came up to us.

"Hello, I'm the manager of the stage and mates you've got the most talent. You're both In but as a group." He gave us flyers with numbers emails and addresses. We both looked up at eachother with amazement.

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