Battle For Cody

Nicole and Burklyn both want cody but Burklyn is the stylish model for cover girl and Chanel while Nicole is just a small town singer ~


5. cody and Nicole

Nicole's POV:

When cody and I arrived at the beach, I began having questions in my mind. Why the agent was kind? Why was she not bossy? I kept these questions for later.

"Hey, are you cold too?" Cody shivered. I didn't notice I was too."

"Yeah. It's probably the breeze." The wind blew against my back.

"Let's go to my house and get something to wear." He opened the door for me and I smiled. His car smelled like pineapples and watermelon. He took a small drive to his house and stopped at a warm, comfy home.

"Welcome" he laughed. He took my hand and brought me into his house, showing me the rooms and then we got to his room. It was beautiful. He opened the green curtains so the room had sunlight. Then he got to the closet, and found a sweatshirt I could wear.

"I got this for free from this store and then realized I wasn't a girl."

We laughed a lot. Then, he leaned in.

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