Battle For Cody

Nicole and Burklyn both want cody but Burklyn is the stylish model for cover girl and Chanel while Nicole is just a small town singer ~


4. Burklyn

Burklyn's p.o.v.

"Bye mom" i hugged mom And got on the plane for Australia. I had two modeling jobs, one for a beach shop which would be for extra money, and one for Chanel (: I would also be trying for the victoria secret model positions. All in all, my life was perfect.

The seat was patted, and there was one other person next to me.

"Hey" she turned to me. She has bright pink lips and short brown hair. It was curly. Her eyes were dark green, like a sweater my grandmother would always wear as a kid.

"Hi" I sat next to her. It could be said that she was ugly, but I wasn't going to ruin her day like that.

"Australia, or where?" She asked me.

"Yeah Australia, Chanel. And some small beach thing. But Chanel begged me so much I just had to go." That was a lie. I had to beg them.

"Oh haha I'm going to skateboard national championships." She smiled.

"What? Speak fashion language" I rudely added. She frowned.

"There's only room for one princess here." She sat tight.

"Ok then where is the queens seat, I must've been MISTAKENED for a princess." I squinted back smirking. Then I got a call.

"Hello?" I laughed.

"Aye! Burklyn? The music video was a hit" austin said. I was in his music video.

"That is so cool listen, mahone, flights about to take off, I'll call u after bae. Love yah!" I blew a kiss and the bitch next to me's jaw dropped.

"Austin mahone? You know him?" She almost peed.

"Who's the queen now?" I sat back and turned my music on.

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