Why miles is my favourite

Maddy is a complicated, overly dramatic , loud teenager . When she moves back to the U.S.A. And meets Miles Garcia ,the talented young swimmer on her swim team , will he be able to understand her?!


1. why miles is my favourite

I stood there crying. I couldn't believe i had to leave after 2 years. They had been the best 2 years of my life. Miles had made me feel special,pretty when i felt ugly, happy when i was sad but most importantly wanted when i wasn't. I was choking on my own tears. To make matters worse he stood there with a blank expression on his face, he coughed out angry ,tearless sighs. He was so upset that he couldn't even cry. That was when i ran. I had to ! Even though my flight was leaving to go back to Ireland in less than an hour , i ran to the forest where we used to meet up together , where we exchanged our first kiss and those afternoons we spent just talking. That was where i ran to. I always knew that there was going to be a day where i was going to have to leave but it came way too soon. I felt horrible that i didn't tell him sooner but i kinda lost track if time. Wow, i had never felt so much guilt. My mind kept flashing back to when we first met and he fell into the pool, well was more or less pushed by our other team mates and when he asked me out on our first date and how the waitress messed up my order and he got really annoyed. Those memories made me happy until i was zapped back to reality.

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