Why miles is my favourite

Maddy is a complicated, overly dramatic , loud teenager . When she moves back to the U.S.A. And meets Miles Garcia ,the talented young swimmer on her swim team , will he be able to understand her?!


5. this is your home now

The journey wasn't too long , Sarah and i walked through the front door, their house was HUGE! Maureen showed me to my room ....... It was really big and they had already sorted all my stuff out..... Weird to think they were touching my underwear ..... Yeah.....

Maureen told me i could go for a late night swim if i wanted. When i was experiencing something new or difficult i would always ask to go to the pool and that would make me happier than i was. Mom must have been talking to her. Maureen also showed me around, turns out they had a dog!! I managed to find my swim suits in a drawer.... Labelled swim gear! I changed and walked across the grass. The one thing i noticed about the states that i didn't remember was that there were so many bugs and it was constantly humid (in the summer). I dove in to the cool water and it felt so refreshing and reassuring. I did about 400m before i started messing and practicing my turns for backstroke , my best stroke and headed back to take a nice shower.

After i took my shower i dried my hair and got a snack of popcorn and started watching pretty little liars when Mel came in. I nearly attacked her, i love their whole family so much, its not even funny! At about 10 i went to bed. I deserved a little sleep, didn't i?

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