Why miles is my favourite

Maddy is a complicated, overly dramatic , loud teenager . When she moves back to the U.S.A. And meets Miles Garcia ,the talented young swimmer on her swim team , will he be able to understand her?!


3. the anticipation

It was just your average Tuesday night in july, i was packing. I was finally going to move back home! I was only 15 but that didn't really matter, all that mattered was that i was getting a fresh start. It was only the start if july so it would give me time to settle in before school started. It was a shame i was going to miss junior nationals but it would have to wait for another 2 years. I packed the last few shirts i had. My room was empty. It was weird to see what had been my bedroom for the past 5 years empty. I was sleeping on an air mattress because my parents had all ready sent my stuff away. They were very reluctant to the idea and they didn't want to send me away but i convinced them to let me go by saying that it would a valuable life experience .

"Maddy, dinner is ready!!" Screamed my mom. She was awful for screaming. My mom , i think, had selective hearing. I ran downstairs . Surprisingly my mom hadn't made dinner but got it from the Chinese place from down the street. The family gathered around the table, said grace and dug in. We talked about me moving, swimming and other stuff , as families do, until i excused myself from the table and went to my room and got changed into my whinnie the poo pyjamas . I set my alarm for 4:00 am and got into my air mattress . I lay there thinking about the next day. It was scary , i have to admit , but i normally got through these kind of obstacles so i i was able to calm myself.

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